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For different utilizations, see Orange bloom (disambiguation).

The orange bloom is the fragrant blossom of the Citrus sinensis (orange tree). It is utilized in aroma making and has been expounded on as an aphrodisiac.[1] It is customarily connected with great fortune[where?] and has been well known in marriage flower bundles and head wreaths for weddings.[where?] Orange bloom pith is a significant part in the creation of scent. The petals of orange bloom can likewise be made into the carefully scented orange blossom water (as an option in contrast to rose water), a typical piece of both French food and Middle Eastern cooking (most frequently as a fixing in pastries and prepared merchandise).

In the United States, orange bloom water is utilized to make orange bloom scones and marshmallows and is the state blossom of Florida.

Orange bloom honey (citrus honey) is created by placing bee colonies in the citrus forests during sprouting period. This additionally pollinates cultivated citrus assortments. Orange bloom honey is profoundly valued and tastes similar as the organic product.

In Spain, fallen blooms are dried and afterward used to make tea and the orange bloom gives its touristic moniker to the Costa del Azahar (“orange-bloom coast”), the Castellon seaboard.

A French electronic and world music band has taken the name Orange Blossom.


Orange blossoms

Majestic Japanese Navy’s Nakajima Kikka (Orange Blossom)

A lady boarding the Orange Blossom Special train c. 1930 in Sebring, Florida

December 1938 appearance of the Orange Blossom Special train to Plant City, Florida, the principal diesel-fueled traveler train in the Southeast

Postcard for Seaboard Air Line Railroad’s Orange Blossom Special that went between New York City and Miami. Promoted as “all electric” it utilized diesel motor power starting in 1938

A Johnny Cash single with the broadly recorded tune “Orange Blossom Special”

Logo for the proposed Orange Blossom Express open travel administration

A jug of Penhaligon’s Orange Blossom fragrance

Iranian Orange Blossom Jam

^ Jeff Klinkenberg, Seasons of Florida